Monday, May 01, 2006

Strategic Thinking Principles

By: Kourosh Talebpour - 30 Apr.2006

Today I’d like to discuss about some strategic principles of thinking, which can change our entire life. We will start with a big question: “What is your reaction to an outside crisis?” such a vague question! I will try to elaborate; imagine a situation in which you face some inconvenient actions from your friends or maybe from your work environment, what will your immediate action?

Sociologists and Psychologists say people are divided into two major groups; one is proactive and another is reactive. The proactive group usually take action in advance. They make most phenomena. Maybe we can address them as extraverts and they are categorized into positive and negative action makers. On the other hand, the second group are the reactive people who are named as introverts, in other words, they sit and wait unwillingly for accepting any occurrence they pose. In this case, we also have two kinds of positive and negative aspects.
Let’s talk about management principles and extend our discussion to higher level of thinking. No doubt the pillar in management should try to be proactive rather than reactive. The name of this is Principle of Offensives. This principle requires you to accept full responsibility in your situation and then to take charge. You may go on to attack. Despite offence, you should carry on in this manner to be successful.
I believe the people, who face difficulties proactively, absolutely have single-minded concentration, because one of the most important habits that you can develop is the habit of single-minded concentration, with all your energies on one thing at a time. Single minded people have one purpose on mind.
To concentrate on one aim, you should make a list of all factors and try to eliminate your major obstacles because you always face this question, ”What obstacles stand between me and my goals?” write down your areas of competence or skills where you might be weak in. Then, organize the list of priorities and then go ahead toward accomplishing your goals.

In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is two main actions:
First, resolving today that you will be proactive rather than reactive. Instead of worrying about something, take action to solve the problem, change the situation and above all, try to prevent problems. Go on to the offensive in your business life and keep moving.Secondly, focus on your talents and energies single mindedly. Resolve to develop the habit of concentration until it is as natural to you as breathing. This will change your entire life.

Good Management view Good Luck
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